Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife, and I’m pretty excited. We’re not doing anything terribly special: we’d much rather just stay home and enjoy each other’s company. We also decided since we’re trying to save money that we weren’t going to spend money on gifts: time together is much better than gifts. Well I woke up this morning and had time for a quick kiss and a “Happy Valentine’s Day” before Craig had to leave for work and I had to get ready for class. After I got ready I came downstairs to put my books in my bag for class. There was a present waiting for me when I opened my bag. Craig had stuck a VERY sweet card and my favorite chocolates in there. It was a great way to start the day. His card made me cry. That’s not a big surprise.

Tonight we’re going to have a candlelight dinner. I’m making Mexican – Craig specifically requested it. And the cheesecake mentioned in the previous post looks great! There’s a cherry sauce on it just for Craig. I’m looking forward to an evening together without any work and schoolwork going on!


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