Thats how it feels around here. They’re FINALLY repaving the road by our house; and while I’m extremely grateful to be rid of all the potholes, I hate my house shaking. It’s been going on for about an hour now, and if I didn’t know any better, I’d be running for safety. The cats have taken refuge under the bed upstairs because they don’t like the noise. Poor us.


One thought on “Earthquake

  1. Craig can probably testify to this fact: They repaved the road in front of our house in Georgia SOOOOO OFTEN!!! (A testimony to the fact that the roads in SC are probably in worse condition that the roads in any other state, but I digress.)

    YAY!!! That stinkin’ curve as you go into Pinopolis won’t make the Saturn nearly stall out every time we drive down there!!

    Hope the smell doesn’t get too bad. Asphalt can really stink.

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