Pardon the joke. It was seriously bad yesterday morning. I was all doped up on these drugs from my surgery. I was sleeping downstairs because I had to be up every 3 hours and didn’t want to wake Craig up. He took the phone upstairs so I could call if I needed him. Well, around 8 yesterday morning I woke up to a big splash. Immediately I thought the cats had gotten to the fish, but I could see his bowl still on the shelf. That’s when I realized the bowl was on the shelf, but it was turned over just enough that Seuss had splashed out. Uh oh.

So I jump up (not the best idea!) and run over to try to find the fish. I did NOT want a cat eating him and I didn’t want him to go lost and end up stinking up the house! Well, I couldn’t find the fish. So I call Craig and started rambling about how the fish had been eaten. He hung up and ran down the stairs. About that time I found Seuss on the floor between the desk and the wall. I stuck him back in his bowl and as of this morning, he’s still alive!

He’s now made it longer than any of my other fish. AND he was without water for who knows how long. He’s a miracle fish.


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