Church Growth

We had a “Sunday School Revival” at church today. I wasn’t completely there, seeing as I’m still very doped up on medicine, but what I can remember was really important. For a long time now I have been very discontent with our church circumstances, mostly because nobody our age will commit to getting involved, so I don’t have many friends at church. We get SO many visitors, and so many couples that we can see ourselves fellowshipping with, but they don’t stay and we end up losing our friends. A lot of that is our church situation in general. There’s still a lot of competition between our traditional and contemporary service, and we haven’t been working together as a church in a long time.

I’m really hoping this “revival” will be what we need not only to start working together again, but to get some commitment from our base members and start bringing in some friends. I would LOVE to have fellowship with people at church. Right now it’s me, my DH, my parents, and his parents. And that’s pretty much who we hang out with at church.

GOD, please send me friends!!!


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