Lesson Plan

I finally decided on a lesson plan. I’ll be teaching about writing persuasive letters.

Here’s the gist of the lesson: Students will be in pairs and will be assigned a season of the year. They will have to write a persuasive letter telling me why I should not get rid of their season. They will be instructed to use voice in their papers and to back up everything they write with facts and details. The objectives are: being able to work in a small group, being able to gear their writing towards a specific audience, being able to write persuasively, and being able to use voice in their writing.

I’ll be teaching lower level fourth graders. According to their teacher, they’ve been working a lot on using voice and writing persuasively, so hopefully I’ll get good participation and everything will go well.

I turn the lesson plan in to my professor tomorrow. We’ll see what grade it gets. I don’t actually teach it for another few weeks. I’ll be sure to update with how it goes.


One thought on “Lesson Plan

  1. Awwww… you should tell him that you’ll get a dog exactly like DEVON!!! hahaha. And i think we need to have a lunch date on wednesday!! I’m craving for some Japanese!!

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