The Quest Has Begun

I need to get back in shape. After being sick for what seemed like forever and then having surgery I haven’t exercised in close to a month. And it showed when I tried to play volleyball last night. So today we’re starting back up with the weight lifting.

As for volleyball, we are currently 0-2. Not a good way to start the season. We really should be 1-1. But that didn’t happen. The first team we played we should have killed. We dominated the first game and slacked off after winning by about 20 and they came back and beat us the last two games. 😦 The second match we played, however, was a LOT of fun. We played the team who is number 1 in the league and we only lost the two games we played by about 2 points each. We played very well! And had a lot of fun.

On a sad note: my computer is probably about to die. At least I think it is. Monday night it was extremely slow, and when I went to pull up some windows, it wouldn’t show me the text. Tuesday morning it just shut down completely and wouldn’t work at all. I finally got it working again last night but it’s still EXTREMELY slow and just randomly shut down on me a few minutes ago. Not a good way to try to write papers. So…I need to talk to the hubby and see if we want to pay to try to get it fixed or just buy a new one. We’ll see.


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