25 things I wish you knew

1. List 25 things you want to say to people
2. Dont mention their names
3. Dont bring it up again
4. Random order

1. I wish you cared about what’s happening.
2. I wish you were more adventurous.
3. You’re not worthy of my respect. And you don’t have it.
4. You never should have done that.
5. I forgive you.
6. Everything is not all about you!
7. I wish I could help you because you won’t help yourself.
8. I miss when we were friends.
9. I’m glad you’re gone.
10. Let it go.
11. I’m glad you’re retiring…you’re horrible at your job.
12. Take me with you!!!
13. I’m going to cry when you leave.
14. You expect too much of me.
15. I don’t like you…I’m just supporting my husband.
16. You’re falling apart.
17. 3 years later and I’m still burned by what you said.
18. Thanks for always being there.
19. You have no idea how much I look forward to Wednesdays.
20. Stop bugging us about it!
21. I’d quit if I could.
22. I’m here for you if you need me.
23. You’re the reason I want to be a teacher.
24. Even when you were having a fit I still loved you.
25. I left because I was tired of being mom for you.


One thought on “25 things I wish you knew

  1. hahaha… Yea.. that one statement that you picked out was urs! hahaha.. and I know the Wednesdays is mine! Love u, Amy!

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