I adopted a wimp!

Hehe. She really is a wimp. We went to the vet today and she was SOOOO scared. Then we went to Petsmart and she was still scared. She walked between my legs. We’re going to have to work on that.

According to the vet, Kenya is actually only 4 months old. She still has all her baby teeth. So she’s younger than we thought. But she’s really well behaved for her age so they don’t think we’ll ever have behavior problems with her. She’s really healthy and will get spayed on Friday.

I’m reading a book about training dogs. Since Kenya’s so shy we’re still working on the first step: associating the phrase “good girl!” with something happy. While she’s laying in the living room I randomly say “good girl!” and throw her a treat. They say this will help her to know that the phrase is praise and is something to look forward to. That way, as I train her, she’ll know when she’s doing it right.

Our cats are starting to get better around her. Kula hissed at her last night so know she’s scared of them. But they’ve started to come downstairs even when she’s in the house. I think in a few weeks they’ll be friends. I hope.

So that’s the Kenya update for today. 🙂


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