Kenya Update

She’s really smart! And still a wimp.

I started working with her on Monday and she already knows how to “sit”. She picked it up really fast and because I make her sit before I pet her, she just goes ahead and sits before I tell her to. She tells me when she’s ready to go outside and when she wants to go for walks. I walked into the kitchen last night and she was sitting on the floor with her leash in her mouth. She LOVES to go on walks. Especially if we go with my mom and her dog, Jazz. Kenya loves Jazz. But I keep calling the poor dog Midnight when we’re with Jazz. I guess it’s just habit to call her that because I used to walk Midnight and Jazz together all the time.

Today we’re going to start working on “stay” and “down”. We’ll see how she does. More pictures to come later today.

And more good news: only 16 days and I’m done with my sophomore year! Only 9 days until exams start.


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