Kenya’s Sick :(

We took her to the vet to get spayed yesterday. That went well. But while they were in there, Dr. Dan (the vet) noticed that her spleen is not normal. He’s not sure what’s wrong, but they are sending off a sample of it to get checked out. Apparently the spleen is like a giant blood vessel, so I have to keep Kenya calm (no running, jumping, walks, stair climbing, etc.) for 2 weeks! If she busts the stitches in the spleen, she’s bleed to death internally. 😦 I’m so paranoid that something will go wrong and it’ll bust open.

They also found a LOT of fluid in her stomach when they cut into her. Dr. Dan’s not sure what that’s about either, so they sent in a sample of that too. AND, her red blood cell count is extremely low and she’s not making any new cells. He told me that’s not good.

They’re not sure what’s causing any of it. It could all be related, or she could have three separate things wrong with her. I won’t know anything for two weeks until the test results are back. I cried all day yesterday after I found out. I waited months to get her. I love her so much already. If she dies, I’ll be heartbroken forever.

Please pray for her. 😦


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