That’s how I feel right now. Seriously.

I have a test today, a lesson to teach today, a presentation to give on Thursday, and a lab practical on Thursday. And then next week I have 5 exams. None of which I have begun to study for. Add onto all that the problems I’ve been having with Kenya and my sister and you have a recipe for stress. Argh. Talk about a crazy two weeks. I can’t wait for the semester to be over.

Craig’s in court right now because of the stupidest ticket ever: moving into a turn lane too soon. And as he was getting the ticket another cop did the same thing he had done, along with at least 10 other people. A $230 ticket! It’s absolutely ridiculous! We’re almost positive they’ll reduce it, but we’d love to not pay for it at all. We’ll see how that goes.

Kenya had an accident last night that just about gave me a heart attack. She’s teething right now and I guess she was tired of chewing on her toys because she started chewing on the door to her crate. Now, the crate is made of metal bars and the door has sliding locks to hold it closed. She was chewing on these locks and got her tooth stuck. She started screaming and yelling like crazy. I ran into the kitchen and couldn’t get her mouth unstuck. All the while, she’s flailing around and bleeding all over the place. I finally got her free right as Craig was trying to figure out how the cut the crate. She’s okay now, but she has a cut in her mouth and probably a few loose teeth. Poor Craig probably thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. All this worry about her pulling her stitches out, me being paranoid about her moving around at all. Add this on top of that and I almost cracked. He handled it well, though. He told me to go clean up the blood and he made sure Kenya was okay. She’s fine. And neither of us got bit. Now we’re just praying that she didn’t pop a stitch.

So not only did I adopt a wimp, I adopted a klutz, too.


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