Learning to Trust

My husband and I had our first real disagreement this weekend. And I feel we handled it very well! We never argued about it, never got defensive (which is a miracle for me!) and never let the issue at hand affect our relationship. We did good! 🙂

As I mentioned in my last post, some friends of ours are having some financial problems. And Craig has been talking about helping them pay some of their bills. Our taxes should be coming in soon and we will be getting a nice chunk of change. I was looking forward to putting it in our savings account and having it if something ever came up and we needed the money. Craig, however, wanted to give some of it to our friends. He asked me to pray about it and give him an answer in a few days. I didn’t like the idea. Selfishly, I wanted to put it aside for our kids. I didn’t want to trust God and Craig that this was where our money was needed.

Well, after talking with my friend Lily today, I realized that my selfishness was holding God back. They need that money more than we do. And while I wanted to use it wisely and save for any future needs, she reminded me that God will take care of those needs if they ever arise. Just like we’re trusting Him to take care of our friends, He’ll take care of us the same way.

After I realized how selfish I was being, I immediately called Craig. And told him to do whatever he felt he needed to do; I wasn’t going to get in God’s way. And after hearing our friend’s reaction to having that bill taken care of, I know this was the right thing to do.

And not only did we help them out, I learned a little more about faith and trusting not only God, but my husband.

Please note: We are joining together with some other people at church to pay this bill. It is being done anonymously. So for those of you who know the couple we’re talking about, please don’t mention anything. Thanks!


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