What a Crazy Weekend!

This weekend has been so busy, I’ve barely had time to breathe. Saturday am was rehearsal with the children’s choir for their musical tonight. That lasted until almost 1. Then I joined Craig at his friends’ house to help them pack. After we had packed all we could, they invited themselves over to our house to play Wii. Can I even begin to write how irritated I was?!?! They put me in a position where we couldn’t tell them they couldn’t come. So they were over until almost 7. I got NOTHING done in the house that I was planning on doing. I was upset about that, and with how rehearsal went (I don’t always agree with how the leader handles the kids – it goes against everything I’ve been learning about teaching.) So Sunday, I needed a morning to myself. Church has been so frustrating lately, on on top of all that I was emotionally worn out from Saturday. So this morning I cleaned house and painted. Craig’s dad and brother came over for lunch and my parents joined us. I made a roast and some cheddar biscuits. Easy food that tasted good. I love my slow cooker! This afternoon was kids choir practice and then their performance. They did an AMAZING job. Just more reinforcement of how much I LOVE working with kids. Their play was called “Donkey Tales” and was SO.MUCH.FUN! It went great.

But now I’m worn out.

Not much training got done with Kenya this weekend. 😦 I can tell she misses it. But she did get to play with Jazz today when my parents came over for lunch. So she got some energy out.

And now it’s off to bed before I fall asleep right here.


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