Dog Training – Stay

Kenya now knows how to stay! We’ve been working on it for the last few days and I think she’s got it figured out now. Here’s what I did:

Once I put her in the sit position I said “Kenya, stay” and stayed standing in front of her. If she didn’t move for a few seconds I would give her a treat and lots of praise. If she moved, I would tell her “no” and put her back in the place I originally gave the command and I would give it again. I repeated that until she learned not to move. I then repeated the process, but took a step backwards, leading with my right foot. (Always walk away from a dog in “stay” using your right foot. When teaching “heel” the dogs learns to follow your left foot, so don’t confuse her by stepping away with your left foot!) If Kenya did not move when I took a step, I walked back to her and gave her a treat and praise. We did this a few times and then I started adding more steps in. She eventually got to where I could walk out of the room and she would stay. Then I started making her stay for longer periods of time. We’ve gotten up to staying for about 20 seconds. I haven’t yet tried anything beyond that.

Later on today I will start adding distractions into the training. She can “stay” on and off leash, but only in the house. We’ll start working on “stay” on the leash out back today. If she does well with that we’ll move to the front yard. Once she masters that I’ll start having her “stay” when we go out on walks. When she masters that I’ll start having her “stay” when Craig tells her to. If she can do that, I know she can do it for anyone! haha.

We’ve also started working on “down”, “come”, and walking on a loose lead. I’ll post about those later.


One thought on “Dog Training – Stay

  1. Come train my dogs next! 🙂 They know “sit” and “get in your pen”. And I really want them to learn “stop licking”, “stop humping”, and “please stop scratching the guests!”

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