Mercy Issues

I’m just starting to realize how different my husband and I are when it comes to mercy and compassion. I have NEVER been described as a person with a good deal of mercy. I am compassionate to some extent, but my thoughts have always been if you get yourself into a mess, get yourself out of it. I’ve never been one to call on people for help, especially if the problem was because of bad choices I made. Craig, however, is on the opposite end of the spectrum from me. He’ll help anybody and everybody. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, it’s just completely different from my view of things.

Remember the family we gave a large sum of money to? Well, I had issues enough to work through over that. And I’ve come to realize we did the right thing in that situation. But that family is still “abusing” my husband’s compassionate nature. He’s helped them pack. Twice. He’ll be helping them move all this weekend. But can they wait until this weekend? No. He’s now helping them move tonight as well. Argh. Craig (and his family) have done SO much to help them already. Yet they keep asking for more. Can they not do anything on their own??? I mean, really. They got themselves into it. Why should everybody else be expected to bail them out?

I apologize for how rude and hateful this probably sounds. I know these are not Christ-like thoughts. I’m just really struggling with how much they’re taking advantage of Craig, his parents, and the church in general.

I understand that we’re called to help people in need. But my gosh, we’ve helped them so much already! My opinion is that they need to suck it up and take care of things themselves and not expect everyone to drop everything to help them!

And honestly, I haven’t really tried to change my view of things. Right now I’m pretty much wholly focused on not letting our different views cause unnecessary tension between us. I think this is one of those times where we just need to agree to disagree and let it go. So that’s what I’m trying to do.


One thought on “Mercy Issues

  1. Being that we are of a similar temperament in this area, I think I can identify with your feelings. And while it is good for Craig to help them as friends, he should learn to say, “No” sometimes. He can’t let himself be run over and taken advantage of. But … that’s just me.

    You know, the girl who said, “Find your own help” when he called and asked me to help him find people to help them move this weekend.

    Just typing that makes the whole situation sound ridiculous. Probably because it is, but … I digress.

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