Lost and Found

Our finances have been extremely unorganized since we got married. They have consisted of piles of bills that have to be sifted through to figure out what has and hasn’t been paid, random receipts and other miscellaneous documents. And no followed budget. Well, due to this faulty system we were late paying bills this month simply because we forgot. Out of sight, out of mind I suppose. And then FINDING the bills once we realized we needed to pay them was a task on it’s own.

So, organizing our finances has been my project for the last few days. Craig showed me how he pays the bills so I can take that over for him and make his life a little easier. I also created a filing system for all our tax documents, insurance information, bank statements, etc. We also have a place for incoming bills and a place for paid bills. Everything has a spot. It feels good to know that next time I go to pay the bills I’ll know right where they are. I also created a notebook so that I can start keeping track of where our money goes.

We’re on a mission to start saving more so we’ll see if this small step will be the motivation we need to spend wisely. Wish us luck!


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