Long Time No Update

Sorry about that. Things have been VERY busy.

I’ve been keeping a six week old little girl named Hailey while her mom finishes teaching for the year. She’s really adorable and is overall a very good baby. But when she’s not happy, she’s NOT HAPPY and she’ll scream her little head off until you make it better. There are times when she’s sleeping that I forget she’s around. But then she wakes up screaming and I quickly remember there’s a baby in the house. I’ve been really proud of Kenya. She does really well with Hailey. She’ll sniff Hailey’s head and lick her feet, but other than that she leaves her alone. Which is VERY good to know for when we have our own little ones. The cats don’t like her very much. As soon as she gets here in the morning they go upstairs and I don’t see them until she leaves.

I’ve also been doing a lot of housework recently. So during Hailey’s naps this came down:

And paint went up:

As you can see, the wall of mirrors came down! Yes! I like our dining room SO MUCH BETTER now that they’re gone. We also have big plans for the kitchen. Remodeling, here we come! I’m so excited about it! Our kitchen is so outdated and I’ve wanted desperately to spruce it up a bit. It won’t be anything huge, we can’t afford to replace the cabinets but we will replace the countertops (maybe even with granite) and we’ll take down a cabinet or too and extend the bar. And we’re not sure yet, but I may be doing some tile work on the bar, and that would be a lot of fun! We haven’t decided on anything yet but have been doing lots of brainstorming and I’ll be sure to update you all as we go. Yay for new kitchens!


One thought on “Long Time No Update

  1. WHAT?! No more mirrored tiles? Now how will I cheat at poker when we play at your house?!

    I’ll just have to bring my own mirror, I guess! 🙂

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