Kitchen Remodel Day 1

We have officially started our kitchen remodel!

Yesterday was spent removing cabinet doors and hardware, cleaning the wood and a little bit of demolition!

This is how our kitchen used to look. Notice the big cabinet that closes it off so well?

That cabinet is now gone thanks to some very hard work from my hubby and daddy!

And a very good surprise awaited us when we discovered that the ceiling above the cabinet was already popcorned! We had been afraid that we would have to do that ourselves. But we don’t!

The kitchen looks so much more open now! I still can’t get over it. I’m so excited!

On a more sad note though, through cleaning out and scrubbing the kitchen cabinets I discovered we have a bad case of mold under our sink. 😦 And from what we can tell, it has migrated to the drywall. Which means we need a professional to come and replace the moldy drywall. 😦 Nasty.


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