Kitchen Remodel Day 2

The mold is gone! Whew! That was the most disgusting job I have ever had to do. It all got scrubbed off, then bleached twice. Craig then sanded it all down and I went over it all with a coat of Kilz. The cabinets all got sanded and wiped down and they have their first coat of primer on. And let me just say, first coats of primer look absolutely horrible! Apparently I went Kilz-happy because every piece of cabinet in sight got Kilzed. And that wasn’t the original plan! But I think it’s going to make it all look even better in the end.

And the house doesn’t even smell bad today. We opened all the windows before we went to bed and slept with them all open to air out the house. There is no indication of painting until you walk into the kitchen and see the mess!


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