Labor of Love

We got a call today from the company that will be manufacturing our granite countertops. They are coming by tomorrow to measure our cabinets. One of the conditions for them to come was that our existing countertops must be removed. So, while starting the process of removing laminate, Craig hit his head on the corner of our range hood. He hit it hard. He has a cut on his head and a horrible headache. He spent the rest of the night sitting on the couch with an ice pack permanently glued to the top of his head. Poor guy. The things he does for me.

So he got to sit on the couch while my mom and I tore apart my kitchen. It’s a mess.

After about four hours of constant work, the old counter tops are gone. And in their place…nothing. I have nowhere to cook, no sink to wash dishes in, and no dishwasher. The wall where the back splash used to be is covered in glue which must be sanded off and then painted. In the process of tearing off the counter tops some of the paint on the lower cabinets came off. They must now be sanded and repainted.

The good news, in 4 weeks or so I’ll have granite counter tops. The bad news, I have to spend those four weeks getting my kitchen usable again. The other good news, my mother is amazing. She stayed to whole time to help me even though she has to get up at 6 in the morning for work. The other bad news, my poor husband has the worst headache of his life.


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