Two to four weeks until my counter tops are installed. Closer to the two weeks I’ve been told. Which is very good because cooking without a kitchen sink and counter top is an absolute pain. But, after spending almost 2500 on granite, we can’t really afford to eat out. So the next two weeks will be spent cooking simple food and cleaning the dishes in the bathroom sink. Fun.

On a happier note, the wall is now sanded and ready to be primed, along with the cabinet bases that need to be touched up.

And the more this project continues, the more thankful I am that my mom has been helping me. At least I can get help from somewhere. The hubby apparently has taken no interest in this project and therefore has spent the entire evening on the couch. I guess I can’t blame him. He never wanted to start this in the first place and now that it’s gotten more difficult he’s distanced himself from it. But I can’t complain; he did provide the money.


One thought on “Argh

  1. Hehehe. You married a Moss didn’t you!?! Who am I to talk? My non-Moss is just as bad. 🙂 Gotta love ’em right?

    And since your kitchen is out of order, seems like a good time to have you guys over for dinner, right?!?! When you wanna come over?

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