Creation vs. Evolution

This week is Vacation Bible School at our church. We’re doing a new curriculum this year that is much more specific and detailed than that of previous years. Nothing against said previous curriculum, but it didn’t give kids answers they need in today’s world. Our new curriculum is from Answers In Genesis and is absolutely AMAZING. I goes through the events of the Bible (such as the fall, the flood, and the tower of babel) and uses those events to explain why our world is like it is today. And in this world where evolution is taught in schools and children are told not to believe the Bible, this curriculum is extremely important in answering kids’ questions and showing them that the Bible is true.

I seriously recommend you check out the site above. Specifically the “answers” section. I learned so much in just the 30 minutes I was reading through it last night! These answers are answers we as Christians need to know in order to defend our faith. And yet, most of us don’t know them. At least I didn’t. No wonder people don’t believe us…we can’t back up why we believe what we believe!


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