Jewelry,Jewelry, Jewelry!

I’ve been making jewelry like crazy lately. Lots and lots of beautiful jewelry! YAY!

And because of this I will be starting up the business again. Pictures and info to come soon. And we’re going at it full strength this time. Flyers, webpage, parties, etc, etc. I figure with everybody I know at school and church I can bring in some decent business. So spread the word for me. 😉

Tomorrow’s quest will be to take some decent pictures. I’ll be making a light box with filters so I can get proper lighting. Too bad my camera’s crap. 😦 I’ll post the pictures tomorrow. Along with a link to the webpage. It’s all free domains right now, but once I start bringing in some money we’ll actually purchase a domain and come up with a real name. Whee.

But for now I will just be supporting my horrible bead-buying habit!


One thought on “Jewelry,Jewelry, Jewelry!

  1. Some things you should know:

    1) Familiarize yourself with — easiest webdesign site I know of. And it’s free. You can add a blog, a slideshow (from Flickr), and just a regular page. These are two pages that I know of that were built with it: and

    (Chris Cinnamon is smart. But if Will Browning can do it, you can too!)

    2) I can’t remember where right off the top of my head but I know of a place that you can register a domain name for only $10. I’ll look into it for you. (I need to look into it for myself!)

    3) I have a nice camera.

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