Saving Money!

I’ve been trying to save money anywhere possible lately. Which is harder than I though because Craig doesn’t even THINK about the budget. So I’ve been saving where I can.

One place is our electric bill. Last summer it apparently hit $300 in August. Craig likes the house COLD. Well, our August electric bill was $173!!!!! I don’t keep the house nearly as cold as he did. We’ve got the fans on so he feels cooler but we don’t run the air as much. I’ve shut all the vents and doors in the rooms we don’t use so we’re not wasting air in there. We’ve switched all our bulbs to CFL bulbs. I don’t use the heated dry on the dishwasher and I always wash clothes in cold water. I didn’t realize any of those changes would make so much of a difference, but they do! They potentially saved us $127. I’ll take that!


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