Every free moment I’ve had today I find myself absolutely astounded by God’s faithfulness.

This last year has taken a toll on me emotionally. It seems as though since I got married, I lost a lot of friends. I guess the people I thought were friends got intimidated by my new “status”. For the most part I never really thought about it because I have an amazing husband who keeps me happy. 🙂 But there are certain needs he cannot fill. For example: good, Christian girl talk. Not Craig’s forte. 🙂 It’s been emotionally draining not having some close friends to share my heart with. More heartbreaking than I ever could have imagined. My prayer for the last six plus months has been that God would send me a godly friend that I could connect with. But even more than that, that God would give Craig and I some friends that we could connect with as couples. Our age difference sometimes makes it hard to share the same friends.

I do believe God has answered those prayers and more. Josh is our new praise team leader (another answer to prayer!) and his girlfriend, Crystal, and I really hit it off this week. I absolutely love her to death!

I definitely feel like the cry of my heart has been heard. Amazing things are coming, I can feel it!


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