Bathroom Re-Do

Well, we’re “redoing” our bathroom upstairs. It’s all minor. We’ve been having a mold issue in the shower because the mold was starting up under the caulk. So we took the shower apart and will be re-caulking in today. Let me just say, this is the most disgusting job I’ve ever done. Having to scrape off the old caulk and the de-gunking it is not so much fun.

But I’ve discovered the easiest way to get rid of soap scum. Get a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and wet it. Put a drop of liquid dish soap in the center and rub away at the soap scum. Wipe the soap off with a wet washcloth and dry with a towel. It gets the soap scum off with no effort!

So the plan for today is to finish cleaning the shower, put it back together, and re-caulk it. I also have some yellow paint that I was going to use in the weight room that I don’t want in there. So I’m going to paint the bathroom. The old medicine cabinet is coming down and a mirror is going up. I’m also going to get a new light fixture for in there. (The one we have now has little flowers all over it. NOT my style.) Add in some pictures and candles and we’ll have a pretty nice bathroom! Now if only we had a bathtub…


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