Minor Catastrophe

So as you read earlier, we took down the shower in our bathroom so I could clean it really well and re-caulk it. Well, while we were taking it down we had to take the framing off the glass so that I could clean it. And putting that framing back on is a pain in the butt. So I let Craig do it.

Apparently he has more muscle than was necessary.

One of the shower walls is sitting in a bucket outside in a million teeny-tiny little pieces. Yes, it shattered. So we’ll be showering downstairs until we can locate a new piece of glass.

And just for the record: don’t ever use Max’s glass. I called them yesterday to see how much a pane of glass would cost me and the receptionist was extremely rude and arrogant. So I’m boycotting them. Spread the word: don’t give them business! They’re jerks!


One thought on “Minor Catastrophe

  1. Craig is too strong for his own good. Who knew? Ha!

    I’m sorry you had a bad experience with Max’s glass. They replaced a window for me once and were super nice about it. Give ’em another shot. Ask for Tex. He’s the man!

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