Five Weeks

Until exams. I only have two exams this semester, but the month between now and then is really going to wear me out.

What’s due between now and then:

  • Lesson plan in two weeks (not only a lesson plan, but a whole unit). I’m doing some sort of art lesson that I’m sure I’ll post about later. I also have to present this to the class.
  • Lesson plan in three weeks along with an activity. That one will be easy, and I get to teach it at SJCA, so that’s even more fun.
  • Geology presentation in 3 weeks.
  • HUGE book file due in 5 weeks (it counts as an exam). This is the one I have to read 100 books for. I’m officially 35 books in. Ouch. That’s 65 book cards that still need to be done!

And that’s just school stuff. Everything else:

  • Last day of small group: this Saturday! Yes! I’m so over discussions with the Santinis. Gag.
  • Going to the fair with Rita and Kyle on Monday!!!
  • Christmas shopping and gift making needs to get done asap!
  • Jewelry party on the 17th with some friends from school. I’m WAY excited about it!
  • Thanksgiving: still don’t know which family we’re spending it with because I’m getting NO input from my hubby and I have to make that decision on my own. It’s just not fair!
  • EXAMS. The two I have will be hard.

Needless to say, it’s going to be a busy two months until Christmas. Which is good because when I stay busy I have less time to sit at home and let my depression get to me. Busy is good. Which is why I keep telling everybody not to worry about me taking so many classes next semester. It really is the best thing I can do for myself right now.


One thought on “Five Weeks

  1. “I’m so over discussions with the Santinis.”

    HA! Pete told me Jennifer and Jim got into it last weekend about politics and racism. AWESOME!!!!! Sounds like a good time.

    And YAYYYYY for the fair!! I missed it last year so I’m excited about going this year. And, I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before, but it was always Craig’s and my tradition to go to the fair together “for my birthday”. I think we never actually WENT, because we’d always go on Friday nights and … it’s just ridiculous how many people are there! Only since I’ve been married have we actually been to the fair and GONE TO THE FAIR!!

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