Final School Update (hopefully)

Dr. Bone is my favorite teacher ever. 🙂

She’s the one who told me that I couldn’t graduate in December. So I emailed her and told her that the school of ed advisor wouldn’t let me overload like I needed to. She told me to come by her office. So I went by her office yesterday and we looked at what I needed. She filled out a form for me and was taking it to Dr. Wylie when I left. She said “I’ll make sure she signs it, baby”. (She calls everybody baby. hehe) And if I know Dr. Bone, and I do, it will get taken care of.

I checked my schedule, and I’m not registered yet, but it will probably take another day or two before it’s in the system.

I’ll be taking 19 hours of classes in the spring. And 30 hours of practicum. Ouch. It will be rough, but definitely worth it. I’ll be graduating in May of 2010! Yay!


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