Everybody thinks I’m horrible as well when I tell them that my kids won’t believe in Santa. Seriously? I mean, why get a kid’s hopes up that some big fat man dressed in a red suit comes to everybody’s house on Christmas Eve? That’s not the meaning of Christmas at all and I don’t want my future kids focusing on that instead of the birth of Christ – which is far more important. I never believed in Santa when I was little. I even remember one Christmas my grandmother got me something but said it was from “Santa” and I knew it wasn’t. I said something along the lines of Santa not being real and that it must have been from someone else. Smart kid I was! Not believing in Santa didn’t hurt my “Christmas spirit” one bit. It was (and still is) my favorite holiday for all the right reasons. My savior, family, and good times spent with both. Santa has no place there and I won’t taint my childrens’ memories by lying to them about Santa.

End of rant.

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