Craig is Sick

He’s been passed out on the couch for two days. Looks like he might be continuing his tradition of being sick on Christmas…what fun. And I’m heading that way too. Although I’ve had a head cold for weeks now. It’s draining into my stomach now and making me sick. 😦

I just hate that he’s sick because that means I can do NO WORK on his Christmas gift. At least not easily. And there’s still so much to be done! I’m starting to freak out a bit. He’s off all next week so I have to get everything done by Friday night. Hopefully he’ll be back to work at least on Friday?

Oh, and have you seen his finger?! It’s ridiculous. His brother dropped a wall on it Saturday at the Habitat for Humanity project and it’s literally purple with red veins. And it’s about twice it’s normal size with a black nail that is starting to come off. Ewww. Poor guy was hurting pretty badly earlier this week from it. The swelling’s finally starting to let up a bit.

He’s had a rough week. 😦


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