The News Is Out!

Craig and I are going to be PARENTS!

I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I took a test and it immediately popped up positive! We had been trying for ten months and my cycles were so out of whack that we couldn’t really even time anything. The month I got my positive I didn’t think we had a chance. Shows what I know! 🙂

We’re ten weeks pregnant, I’ve had two appointments with my midwife and everything is progressing normally. I’ll have an ultrasound toward the middle of next month to check everything out. We’re due on my Mom’s birthday – July 21st! I’m pretty excited. There will be plenty of stories to come about the trying to conceive process, as well as how I found out and our plans for the nursery. As a warning: this is pretty much a baby blog now. YAY! But for now I’ll tell the story of how I told my parents.

We always celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve with my family. Not sure why, we just always have. So after we got finished opening presents with them we handed my parents a card. It was one of those cards from Hallmark that has music in it and you can record a message. The card talked about how wonderful family is. When my parents opened it they heard a recording of me and Craig saying “Merry Christmas Grandma and Grandpa! Love, Craig, Amy, and your future grandbaby.” They looked at us for a second and then my mom let out the loudest, most high-pitched squeal I’ve ever heard in my life. It was so much fun!

As they were finding out. My mom’s excited. My dad has that “what do I do now” look. 🙂

This is their first grandchild and they’re VERY excited. They knew we had been trying for a while, so they were worried about how I was handling it. I threw them off with talk of infertility treatments, so they had no idea. 🙂 My parents are going to spoil this baby BADLY!

I’ll post about how we told Craig’s parents tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “The News Is Out!

  1. Wow, yeh. Those expressions are fantastic!!

    Can’t wait to read your version of the story about my parents. Their reactions were pretty hilarious.

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