The best news of the day!

The room that is going to be our nursery is DISGUSTING. It’s sponge painted and then painted to look like an aquarium…but it’s really badly done. There’s a seaweed behind the door that looks more like a poop smear. And the carpet is disgusting as well. Stains from drinks and cat pee. Gross. Our house had hardwood floors that we were told the last owners put in. One of the bedrooms (which we use as an office) has almost plywood-type floors. The other two bedrooms are carpeted. Craig and I decided to replace the carpet in the nursery with carpet tiles after we paint the room. The carpet in there is just so gross that we can’t leave it. Well, I really hated the thought of having to pay for more carpet. Just another unnecessary expense in our already tight baby budget.

Well, I’m organizing my crafting stuff today (which is currently being stored in the nursery) and decided to see what kind of sub-flooring we are dealing with in there. So I pulled up a bit of carpet by the door and to my surprise found… HARDWOOD FLOORS.

I was so excited that I burst into tears. (Pregnancy hormones at work!) I had told my mom a couple weeks ago that I would love if we could afford hardwood floors in there and I could just put down a couple of brightly colored Dr. Seuss type rugs. This is a dream come true in more ways than one. We save money by not having to buy more carpet and I get easy-to-clean floors in my nursery! YES!


One thought on “The best news of the day!

  1. Aww! No more poop smear! Won’t Craig be sad!?! 😦

    I remember how excited we were when we figured out exactly how much of our house had hardwoods underneath all the pink and blue carpets. Seriously. WHO COVERS HARDWOOD FLOORS IN CARPET!? (In your case, I guess it’s the same people who paint poop smears on the wall and leave it there! Haha!)

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