And So It Begins

Classes started yesterday. Bleh. I’m taking 19 hours, and apparently these classes are going to require more work than I thought. Oh well. It’ll all be worth it when I actually get to graduate ON TIME! Woohoo! I’m taking Kinesiology for education, physical science and chem for education, parent and community relations (not so much fun!), drawing 2, teaching reading, and teaching ELA. Oh yeah. I have 30 practicum hours to add to that also.

Here’s my schedule:
Monday: 9 to 7:30. Yes, that’s over 10 hours. But I do get an hour break in there.
Tuesday: 11 to 5:30. Practicum in the mornings when that starts. Volleyball at night. (It’s still debatable whether I’ll actually get to PLAY, but I will at least go and cheer on my team.)
Wednesday: 9 to 3
Thursday: 11 to 2:30. Practicum in the mornings. Praise Team practice at night.
Friday: 9 to 12:30.

I went and picked up my books yesterday….$500! OUCH! It’s really a rip off because I’ll only be able to make maybe $150 when I sell them back at the end of the semester. If that.


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