It’s a Boy!


We’re only 13 weeks, so we weren’t expecting to find out anything. The tech took some pictures, let us hear the heartbeat, and then was waiting for Baby to turn so that we could get a profile pic. She was REALLY nice. She does all the 3-D ultrasounds there and did ours as well. Well, little baby is stubborn and didn’t want to turn so she just started taking some more pictures and asked if we wanted her to guess at the gender. She said “it’s really early, but I can take a guess for you”. She zoomed in and said “well, it’s a boy!” She said she was 95% sure. And there’s definitely a nub there. Now, boy and girl parts look the same up until a certain point, but based on the angle and size, we’re thinking boy. We’ll find out for sure in about 5 weeks. Until then, we’re saying boy!

Little boy parts.

More little boy parts.

And a wave from the baby!

His little profile. Look how big his head is! Just like his daddy. 🙂

No, we haven’t decided on a name yet.


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