The semester from you-know-where

It’s going to be a rough one. I still don’t have my practicum placements. And the longer it takes me to get them, the less time I have to cram it all in a semester. I’m getting really frustrated. I can place myself in one of my practicums, so I thought I’d get that one out of the way early. Wrong. None of the PE teachers I’ve emailed have responded to me. INCLUDING the one who goes to my church, sees me every weekend at Upward, and works with my dad. Geez.

I’m also supposed to attend an adult ESL class and an adult ed class. I can do those on my own as well. Except nobody I’ve email about those has gotten back to me either. Do I have “ignore my emails” hidden in the message somewhere?!

Seriously, it’s getting ridiculous. I really don’t want to have to cram my spring break full of interning. But it’s looking like that’s what I’m going to have to do if I don’t get my placements soon. I only have a 6 hours a week right now that are free for practicums. And obviously there’s a chance that those times won’t work for the teachers. It’s going to be a tight squeeze to get it all done.

And that’s just the practicums! Somewhere in there I have to write papers and study and such.

But I’ll get it done. I always do. I’ve just never been quite this busy before. Whether or not my house will make it is another story altogether. Maybe I should hire a maid for the next three months.


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