What a Pain!

I have two semesters left after this one. One of which will be spent student teaching.

There are still several classes I need and I’ll be pushing it to get them all in. One of these classes is Math 204/205 – the final math methods course I need to take in order to graduate. I’m overloading this semester in order to graduate on time. I’ll also be overloading next semester and was planning on taking that math class at night after my student teaching.

Well, I got a call earlier from a friend who is in the same situation as I am. She had just finished talking with the Dean of the School of Education who told her that as of next semester they will no longer be offering that final math class that I need. In it’s place there will be two math classes to take. One of which is only offered during the day.

This completely screws me over. ARGH.

I’m hoping to meet with the Dean tomorrow to see if there’s any way I can still graduate on time. If not, I’ll just go part time since I’ll need to wait an extra year to graduate anyway.

Seriously, this stinks.


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