I love artfire! I’ve thought about getting an etsy site for over a year, but the fees they charge are a bit ridiculous. Something like 2.5% of every item you sell. It’s just annoying to me. So I never got a site.

Well, I stumble upon Artfire the other day and fell in love completely! Right now, because they’re still new, they’re offering a deal where you get unlimited items to post and sell for only $7 a month for life. Membership is normally $20. Craig and I talked it over and thought it was worth a shot for a couple of months to try. It allows me to sell my stuff online, and gets my name out there a bit more because people can search the artfire community for what they like. Maybe they’ll like something of mine!

So I’m on artfire now. If somebody on here reads this and wants to start there own site, please use my referral. If I get 10 referrals, I get free membership. 🙂   <a href=”″>Register on</a>

On another jewelry note, I’ll be taking pictures tomorrow of my new stuff. A lot of it is made from beads that I’ve been making, so be on the lookout!


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