He’s A Movin’!

It’s official…I’m feeling Baby move!

Monday night I was poking around my belly (I do it every night, don’t know why really) and started feeling my uterus. After a few minutes I stopped and rested my hands on my stomach. All of a sudden I felt what seemed to be taps inside my uterus. Four of them, right in a row. I was hoping it was Baby, but wasn’t sure, so after waiting a few minutes I started poking again. And I felt two more taps. Well, tonight, as I was doing some research online I felt the taps again! Right at the top left of my uterus. I’m guessing what I’m feeling is him kicking me. It’s really light, but feels totally different than anything I’ve felt before.

I’m 16 weeks pregnant today, and most women my size feel their babies this week or next. I wasn’t holding my breath on feeling something yet, but I’m glad I have! It’s very exciting!


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