Another Pregnancy Brain Story

I know you live to hear all these amusing stories. 🙂

Class was cancelled today due to a power outage on campus. So I met my mom at her work when she got off at 10. We went shopping to spend my birthday money and finish my babies r us registry. We also went to lunch and I got my hair fixed up. Then we came home. And only when we got home did I realize we left my car at her work. Lovely.

So Craig and I went to Moe’s for dinner tonight and picked up my car on the way home.  Only I would leave my car in Charleston. Goodness.

Oh a happier note: when we got home we found that Craig had pulled up the carpet in the nursery. Yay! So my mom helped me get it all prettied up. Now I just need a crib! The bedding came today and it matches the walls perfectly. I’ll take pictures tomorrow to show you all.


One thought on “Another Pregnancy Brain Story

  1. Last week when I was putting away the groceries, I put the milk in the cabinet. FORTUNATELY, I caught the error in just a matter of a few minutes. That could’ve been disgusting!!!

    I can’t wait to see the nursery!!

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