Homemade Samoas

So I mentioned earlier that I found a recipe for Samoas. The recipe can be found here.  And here goes my first recipe review.

First off, let me say that this recipe is extremely time consuming. Thus, my cookies are not nearly as pretty as the real thing because I was so sick and tired of making them that I got lazy. This is how they turned out:


The cookie starts with a basic shortbread recipe. This turned out well, however, next time I will make them a bit thinner and cook them longer. They weren’t crunchy like I thought they’d be, and therefore the texture was “off” a bit on the final product.  I don’t have a round cookie cutter so I just used a glass to cut the cookies. They were a bit bigger than they should have been, but that meant less I had to bake. 🙂  Next time I make these I will probably make the cookies the night before just so there’s less to do the next day.

The caramel topping was PERFECT.  I used the Kraft caramels you find at the grocery store and they turned out just fine. Just make sure you don’t over-melt them or they’ll burn.  And definitely toast the coconut. YUM!

As for the chocolate, this is where I got disappointed. The recipe doesn’t call for nearly enough chocolate to use on all the cookies. You’re supposed to dip the bottom of the cookies in chocolate and then drizzle them with more chocolate. I dipped three cookies and realized I was never going to have enough chocolate. So I just drizzled and still didn’t have enough for all the cookies!  Also, I recommend NOT dipping the cookies.  It’s a horrible pain, makes a huge mess, and makes the cookies extremely messy to eat. When I make these again I will just drizzle lots of chocolate on the top and skip the dipping.

All in all, a good recipe. The cookies tasted great!  They would have been even better with a bit more chocolate, though. I think it would be better to make these with someone. They wouldn’t take as long, and then you’d have company instead of being in a kitchen for two hours by yourself.


One thought on “Homemade Samoas

  1. The end result is soooo worth it!! YUMMMM!!!! Thanks for sharing your cookies AND the recipe! Now, can you find a recipe for Thin Mints?!? 🙂

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