Answers to Prayer

As you’ve heard already, our fridge died earlier this week. But it’s been fixed!

It only cost us $100 to fix it, but we were going to take that money out of our Emergency Fund so as not to completely bust the budget. Well, we got a check in the mail today and we had apparently overpaid a bill somewhere. The check was for $170. That covers the cost to fix our fridge! So our Emergency Fund is already replenished! 🙂

AND, I went shopping today and had to buy mayo and cheese and stuff to replace what went bad, so I skipped out on buying all the fresh fruit I usually buy in order to stay within budget. (Geez, this sounds like we’re poor or something. I promise we’re not! I’m just working really hard to stay in budget so that we can be saving as much as possible for Nathan.) Anyway. I only bought apples today because I also bought some new acne treatment to try to get rid of the mess on my back. Well, my mom called earlier and asked if I wanted some strawberries. She was at Publix and knows I LOVE their fruit. She just came by to drop off my strawberries and had blueberries and cantaloupe for me as well. I have fresh fruit!!! And I love it!!! Thanks, Mom! 🙂


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