The Most Disgusting Thing Ever!

Our fridge crashed this week.  Monday, apparently.  Rita’s friend Chris is a refrigerator repairman, so he came by last night to look at it.  Thankfully, we don’t need to replace it yet.  It just needs a new plug, which he will be coming by to put in today!  YAY!

However, that means we had a lot of stuff in there that spoiled.  And it can’t just sit in there getting moldy, so I had to clean it out today. Gross!  My gag reflexes are really sensitive right now anyway, so smelling a bunch of nasty food certainly didn’t help matters.

But I got it done. I still have to scrub it out, but at least there’s no more nasty food in there.  Unfortunately my fridge needs to be completely restocked now. 😦  Talk about a hit to the budget!  I was really proud of how well I’ve been doing keeping our food costs down.  I see it as my “job” to help us save money.  Craig brings the money in, and I save as much of it as possible.  And I had been doing really well with the grocery part of that.  Not so much this month, though.  Now I have to restock the fridge and some of the freezer stuff.  But I guess that’s why it’s good to have money saved, huh?  We’ll be able to buy extra groceries this month and not have to worry about having enough money to cover it.


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