Fun Day

Today Craig and I are going to test drive some SUVs!!! I’m really excited. We’re definitely not buying anything yet, but it’s still fun.  His uncle is going to start searching for good deals for us, but needs to know what kind of SUV we definitely want.  So we’re going to make our decision today.  And hopefully we’ll have one in a couple of months!  We’ve got about $9000.00 saved included what we expect to get from selling mine.  So, one more work bonus and we might have enough!  We’re doing it the Dave Ramsey way and paying cash – yay for no car payments. 🙂

When we’re done car shopping we’re going to Babies R Us and will hopefully be buying a crib!!!  I know I keep saying we’re going to, but all the ones we like online either cost $100 to ship, or are out of stock.  So hopefully BRU will have one within our price range that we like.  I’m really excited!

This is the first Saturday in close to three months that we haven’t had plans made.  So we finally just get to chill and do what we want together. yay!


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