When the cat’s away…

…The mice will…


Craig left yesterday to head to Bristol, Tennessee with my dad, his dad, and his brother to watch a Nascar race.  (How they find this fun I don’t know.  But they do.)  So my mom and I spent the weekend together.

We went to Josh’s recital.  Josh is our praise team leader at church.  And that boy can SING.  Amazing.  After the shower we met up with my mother-in-law to do some shopping.  We got fabric for the curtains in Nathan’s room.  We bought a crib and then sat in the gliders at Babies R Us for way too long.  *By the way- I have the exact glider I want all picked out.  Now to figure out how to afford it!*  Then we headed on over to Cold Stone for some ice-cream.  Yes, it’s true.  Pregnant women love ice cream!

After the shopping we worked on Nathan’s room.  We finished it up today.  It looks great! All I need now is artwork, a glider, and some rugs.  And baby Nathan! I’ll post pictures tomorrow once Craig’s gotten a chance to see it.

And even better news: my mom cleaned out the horrid guest bedroom-turned-junk room! YAY!!!!

I even made cookies.  And finished my lesson plan.  See? I can be productive when someone’s around to make me be. 🙂


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