The Never-ending To-Do List

Oh my goodness.  Nobody warned me about how much stuff must be done in order to start your senior year as an education major. In addition to regular class projects and such that must be done by the end of the semester, I also have to do the following:

  • Register for fall classes – DONE (Sort of.  There’s a situation with my math classes we’re hoping gets fixed soon.  But that’s a story for another day. Oh the drama.)
  • Sign up for a fingerprinting appointment (every student teacher must be fingerprinted)
  • Go to the fingerprinting appointment (it’s in April)
  • Turn in all my paperwork for student teaching along with an essay (due in April as well)
  • Make an appointment for a Degree Check – DONE
  • Go to the Degree Check appointment (also in April)
  • Sign up for the Praxis Assessments (harder than I imagined because there are three tests that need to be taken, they’re not all offered on the same date, and the only date I can take one of them is THREE DAYS after my due date.  Talk about bad timing!  Not sure what I’ll do if I’m in labor at that point.)
  • Take the Praxis.  Another stressful situation.  These assessments must all be passed before I can get my degree.  And from what I hear, they’re rather difficult and require LOTS of studying.  Guess what I’ll be doing this summer?!
  • Have a baby! Obviously, I’m most excited about this one! 🙂  Hopefully Nathan will either come several days before the Praxis, or after it.  If he decides to come while I’m supposed to be taking it, well, that will be interesting.

And now for the to-do list for the semester:

  • Education 405 communication project
  • Education 405 community research project
  • Education 405 practicum paper
  • Education 319 reading workshop
  • Education 319 integrated unit plan
  • Education 319 article critique
  • Education 321 practicum paper
  • Kinesiology practicum paper
  • Two more kinesiology lesson plans
  • Finals

And there’s only a month left until finals start.  I’m going to be a busy, stressed-out person between now and then!


3 thoughts on “The Never-ending To-Do List

  1. Amy I just wanted to let you know that I’m proud of you! I KNOW you can do this! There are so many passions that God has given you and he’s equipping you for each one…I can’t wait to see what He’s going to do with your life!! I know if gets hard, but you’re more than capable, just let Him be your strength!! Love you!

  2. Also I have a friend taking Praxis on Aprill 1… april fools day! AHHH!
    She is studying education in Maine.

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