Need A Laugh?

Okay, so I preface this by saying it’s not nearly as funny as it was in person, but I still think the situation deserves a spot on my blog.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have a Chemistry/Physics class at 9.  I hate both Chemistry and Physics.  And the professor who teaches this class has admitted that he doesn’t like them either, making the class even more boring than should be allowed.  So I rarely pay attention.  I copy the notes, all the while thinking about what needs to be done when I get out of class.  My planner is usually open in front of me, and that’s where my attention lies.

Today was like any other day.  My planner was out, I was making one of my usual to-do lists, and not paying attention to a word of what the professor was saying.  For some strange reason I decided to tune in at just the right time.  And this is what I heard Dr. J say:  “And now you’re going to have a reason to think about me every time you shower.”  Did I really just hear what I thought I heard?  What did I miss leading up to this?  And why in the world does he want a class full of female future teachers thinking about him while we’re showering?!  Gross! As all these thoughts are going through my head, I guess he figured out that what he said didn’t come out right.  Turns out he was getting ready to explain how soap goes about dissolving oil.  Well, at his embarrassment the entire class burst into laughter.  Poor guy turned bright red and tried to move on with the lesson.  But I couldn’t get past the fact that he actually SAID that.  My goodness, that could have gotten him into some trouble!  I chuckled through the rest of class.

I guess I should pay attention more in this class.  Who knows what other strange sayings I’m missing?


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