For the last few weeks God’s been trying to get my attention.  And I’ve been putting Him off.  My quiet time has been pretty much non-existent since this semester started.  I keep telling myself I need to get back into it, but I always come up with some kind of excuse about why I’m too busy for God.  Seriously?! Too busy for God?!  How stupid am I???

Anyway.  I brought a book with me to class today that my mom gave me for Christmas.  I read the first chapter in between classes.  The subject of the book is the Fruits of the Spirit, and having them be evident in our lives.  Well, the first chapter emphasized the importance of spending daily time with God.  Okay, God.  You’ve got my attention.

Well, I get to my next class and the teacher always has a daily motivational verse or quote for us.  Today was a passage about the importance of spending time ALONE with God every morning.  She overemphasized this point so much that I knew it was really God trying to get through to me.

He sure knows how to get our attention, doesn’t He?


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