Great News!!!

It’s been a good week for good news.  I have four pieces of especially good news.

1.  I’m 25 weeks pregnant.  That’s six and a half months! I had a standard checkup today and I’ve gained 12 pounds this pregnancy.  Not too shabby!!!  Nathan’s heartbeat sounded great and my uterus is measuring just as it should be.  I’ve also been having Braxton Hicks already.  I thought it was early for those, but the midwife said it’s good that I’m getting them already because my body will be more prepared for labor when that time comes.  I only get a couple a day, so it’s nothing to be worried about.

2.  We signed up for Bradley Classes!  After doing some research I decided this was the method I REALLY wanted to use rather than Lamaze or just general birth classes.  I was worried about getting into the class because it starts on the 17th, but there’s room for us.  And that makes me really excited.  You’ll be hearing a lot more about the Bradley Method in weeks to come!

3.  The situation with my math classes straightened itself out.  I’ll be able to graduate on time and won’t have to take an extra class during student teaching!  Granted, I’ll still have an insane fall semester, but the spring semester will be easier than I was expecting.

4.  Our state tax return came in this week.  That means the federal’s not far behind.  Which means we’ll be able to seriously start looking for an SUV.  And we’ll be paying cash for it.  Sweet!


One thought on “Great News!!!

  1. I’m kinda surprised you got Craig to go with the Bradley classes! That’s awesome!! GO, CRAIG!!!

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