What Not To Say Part 2

Part one can be found HERE thanks to Rita.

Disclaimer:  Just in case the people who say this (or know them) read my blog, I want to say that neither of these situations offended me AT ALL.  I just found them humorous and thought my readers might as well. 🙂

Story One:  I was at church Sunday and was talking to a friend who was home for the weekend.  We were just catching up a bit and her mom came over to give me a hug and rub my belly.  Then she looked at her daughter (who was now standing next to me) and said: “See, don’t you feel skinny now?”  Um…Wow.  What do you say to that?  If I had gained an excessive amount of weight, I might have taken offense.  But I’m still very small with the exception of this volleyball I carry under my shirt. 🙂  No offense taken.  But some advice: don’t say that to just any pregnant woman.  Make sure you know them first!

Story Two:  We were leaving Sunday School and our teacher touched me on the arm.  I could tell he was trying find a way to mention that I was showing without making it seem as though I was fat.  I think he would have been less embarrassed if he had just told me I was getting fat.  Word for word this is what he said: “Well Amy, it looks like you’re developing nicely!”  BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  He was trying SO HARD to be nice and not make me feel bad.  Well, he succeeded.  I certainly didn’t feel bad.  That was the funniest thing I’ve heard all pregnancy.  🙂


One thought on “What Not To Say Part 2

  1. 😀 I added Part 3 this morning! Just in case you missed it!

    Crazy people. Good thing we have good senses of humor and aren’t overly-emotional pregnant women.

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